A Special Presentation Of The Ultimate MSP Marketing Blueprint
How To Set Up Autopilot Marketing Systems To Consistently Get At Least 1-2 Brand-New, High-Profit Managed Services Clients Every Month   

Who Is Robin Why Should You Listen To Her?

There is no doubt about it: Robin Robins has helped more MSPs and IT services businesses to double – even triple – sales, profits and MRR growth than any other marketing consultant in the IT services industry, period.

As a trusted advisor to over 10,000 IT services business owners for over 19 years, Robin knows a thing or two about what it takes to grow sales, recurring revenue streams and a profitable client base for an IT services business. 

In addition to her hands-on experience in working with IT business owners, Robin runs a phenomenally successful and profitable multimillion-dollar services business herself. Unlike many “ivory tower” consultants who run a business in their dreams, she can speak from actual experience in marketing, packaging and delivering intangible services, dominating a niche, building a “dream team” of colleagues (she doesn’t call them employees) and building a raving-fan, loyal client base. 

From marketing to time management, Robin will give you her most powerful secrets to secure FAST and SUBSTANTIAL gains in any IT services business.
On This Webinar With Q&A You Will Discover...
  • How to fill your calendar with pre-sold, pre-qualified prospects. Stop laying in bed awake at night wondering where your next client is coming from. Using this you'll always be attracting new and better-paying clients like clockwork. 
  • How to ATTRACT right-fit clients that pay well and don't question everything you do or simply shop for the best price.
  • How to be the “go-to” authority and expert in your market that gets the respect and income you deserve.
  • ​How to put your marketing on auto-pilot instead of doing "random acts of marketing" that get you no where, you'll get the system that consistently, predictably attracts new clients every single month.
  • Why everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked. It's NOT your fault!!! Most of the strategies you've tried sounded good online or when some slick salesperson was selling them, but they weren't PROVEN. Here you see what works, why it works, and PROOF that it works!
  • How to get cold prospects to treat you like warm referrals instead of being skeptical and treating you like a low-paid "IT guy". Follow this plan and they'll roll out the red carpet for you and treat you like the PRO that you are!
  • ​And Much Much More...
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